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Friday, 30 November 2012

How to change your Friend's status in facebook

             Hi friend that's great news for people who want to change his friend's status and put him in to trouble.One site is providing this type of facilities.This site name is given in to the post.You guies must know how to get friend status via SMS in mobile.You just have to give your friends mobile no in to site this site will sent SMS as facebook and your friend will got prank.

Link :


Step 1-Register your self 

Step 2-You will Get 25 Free SMS 

Step 3-Now Login and Click on "Send Message to numbers"

Step 4-In the Send From Option enter your friends mobile no posted on facebook account.
(Do not forgot to put 91 before mobile no.)

Step 5-and in the "send to" option enter this no=919232232665(This is official facebook no.)

Step 6-In the message box enter the words which you want to write(This will be your friends facebook status)

Step 7-Click on "Send" button

Step 8-Your friends facebook account will updated.

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