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Friday, 30 November 2012

Send Online Free SMS without Register your self

             Hi friend i am sharing with you a great trick for sending free sms online without making any account in any site.We can send unlimited SMS to any body and also working with STD sms. This trick is very great just you have to put one url in to your browser address bar and write your and your receiver's mobile no and just press enter you have do it and it show that your message is successfully sent to your friend.For more information read full article.
Features :

1.No login required.
2.Large character support(about 1600 characters)
3.Immediate delivery
4.No ads
5.Supports symbol
6.Can be used in mobile easily as no login required

 Link : number)&to=(receiver number)&text=(your message)

Original Link :

   Note: Don't write 91 before your mobile No.This site support 10 digit in mobile no.
"You can use this trick in mobile successfully"

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