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Friday, 30 November 2012

How to send free SMS from facebook

great new for people who is finding methods to send sms to friends over internet.Now you can send free sms to your friends using facebook.Facebook has one application having name 'dodoText chatsms'. This application is made by Singapore you can send unlimited free sms within Singapore country.Its also free for all countries.

Instuctions : 
Step 1 : open
Step 2 : Login with your username and password
Step 3 : Open this url:
Step 4 : Allow and grant permission to access your profile data
Step 5 : you will see this page

Step 6 : Just select your country, write your friends phone no whom you want to send sms
Step 7 : click on send sms button
Step 8 : some time it show error, but do not worry your friend will get message which you have send within some minutes.

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