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Friday, 30 November 2012

How to use google voice service outside US

Google voice is a service offered by Google which allows you to make call to landline/mobile from your PC. Now Google voice service only available in USA. You need a USphone number to use Google voice. For using google voice you have to have a US Ip address also.

# How to get US Phone number Free?

Go to
Sign up. After verifying your email they will provide you a US phone number.Download express talk software to use the number.

# How to get US IP Address ?

For changing your IP address into a US IP address you have to install a small application.
Go to the application and install it. Change your IP address into a US IP address.

# How to use Google voice from a Non US location?

First of all you have to verify that your IP is change into a US IP. After changing your IP into a US IP, go to
Sign in to Google voice number. Enter the US phone number which you have created earlier. And makecalls from your PC to other landline/mobile using express talk software.

Verify your number.Start using google voicein outside USA.

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