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Friday, 30 November 2012

How to twitter can increase traffic of your blog or website

Most of the blogger might have a twitter account.So i think its not required to describe about twitter.There are several tools available in net to integrate your blogger account with twitter.


twitterfeed is a service which allows to feed your blog post to your twitter account.Your followers can see the blog post in your twitter update.They can tweet the post.In this way your post will get more popularity.For starting this service you want to visit twitterfeed.You have to aunthenticate twitterfeed to access your twitter data

2.Twitter follow badge.

It is a powerfull widget to increase your followers.This badge will appear on your blog.By clicking on the badge someone who is having a twitter account can follow you.For adding this widget you have to add some code inyour blogger template.
For getting the customized code visit Here

Twellow is a classified service for twitter.You can add your account twitter account and you can select the category.Your updates and tweets will show in twellow.Twellow users can see this by searching and they can follow.In this way you will get genuine followers and readers.

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