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Friday, 9 November 2012

Earn more chitika revenue then adsense | best adsense alternative

Adsense change it's policies, give lower paying ads to all low niche blogs.Chitika pay me more then adsense. It's give me 4$ average a day.
Blogging niche as mentioned by many experienced bloggers who had many years working with Google Adsense is not profitable with PPC. The bid price for blogging niche is seriously down too. Further, the smarter your readers are, the fewer clicks your blog will get. Why? Just because your readers know it is Adsense and they also know that clicking on those ads will benefit you not themselves. That is why I have seen the CTR on Trickdash seriously down even it has much been optimized. Does your blog face this issue too?

Adsense Vs. Chitika
There are a never ending debate in ad publishers that among Chitika and AdSense which publishing network is better for monetization of a blog.In this post I will try to sort out advantages and disadvantages of both ad publishing network Chitika and AdSense.So lets start by comparing both network one by one.

Advantages of Chitika 
  • Low threshold of $10 for cashout which is easily achievable small publishers
  • No fear of getting your account banned (Like AdSense)
  • Very fast payment is possible through PayPal.
  • Easy support
  • More sizes of ad slots like 550 x 336 or 550 x 90 slots which are really useful.
  • You can put unlimited no of ads in a single page.
  • Picture in Each ad
  • Affiliate program
  • Get started with Chitika  now

Disadvantages of Chitika 
  • Competitively less amount of advertisers

Advantages of AdSense 
  • Lots of Advertisers
  • Graphics and Image ads
  • Link unit
  • Pays more than others
  • Relevant to your content ads ads
  • Get started with AdSense now

Disadvantages of AdSense 
  • Famous for disabling Publisher account sometimes without any valid reason
  • Very strict policy, which is some times hard to follow
  • Official Support is unreachable.
  • You will never know how much you are being paid for a particular click.
  • Very high Cashout threshold ($100) which sometime takes years for small publishers.
  • AdSense only gives your around 68% of total earning and takes massive 32%
  • Non Availability of PayPal payment processor, so payment process takes long time (around 45days) through standard check.
  • AdSense provides only a limited no, of ad sizes
  • you can only put at most 3 ad slots per page.

Our Suggestion : 
if you have low niche blog or your articles are mostly copy pasted or similar to other site then google adsense will obviously give you lower paying ads. and never up your blog to standard level. and you have risk of disable your account.[our blog is live and best example of this].I switch to chitika and our current daily revenue is around 3-4$ i am making more then 100$ per month.

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