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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Best PPD Site, High Payout , New PPD site Fileflare | Best Monetizing techniques

File Flare is a brand new Pay per download website, we just started out and we have new features, high payouts, easy surveys, nice interface and registration is instant 

# Why should you join File Flare? 
Track down every single lead with our professional dynamic diagrams and tables, know when and where they come from with ease. 

Our technology is compatible with all major browsers and web content. Our tools will integrate simply and seamlessly. File Flare can be browsed from any device.

Easy surveys for almost every country, meaning that you will get many more downloads.

File Flare pays an average of $1.00 for each download or more, unlike other websites, we take a very small percent commission from our users.

# Viral Download!
For many people, uploading files or registering isn't the hard part, the hard thing is getting the traffic. 

That's why we will introduce you to our viral download system. 
If you set your file as a viral file, whenever a user visits your file, he will get a unique link that he must send to other persons and whenever the user gets the amount of clicks that you set he would be able to download your file.

If you set the amount to 10 
Your user sends the file to 10 people, he downloads your file.
There are 2 users who are interested in your file, so they will send it to 10 people each, meaning that you are going to get 20 extra views, 4 from the 20 are interested and sends the file further to another 40 people and it keeps on going.

Some users might want your video so hard that they maybe creates threads about it, youtube videos whatever that pops in their mind. 

# Payouts and rates 
The average amount you get from each download depends from country to country, but from the famous countries you can get an average of $1.00+ for each download. 

Whenever you reach $20, you can cash out and we will send you the money in 1-2 days. 

# Why File Flare instead of..? 
It really depends on what you like, for some people it's hard to get accepted into File ice, or you think that Share cash download rates are too low, or you just want to test something new. 

Our website is new so users wont recognize the design or have a past bad experience 

# Referral system 
For each user that you refer, you can earn 10% of what they earn without them losing anything, for example if the user that you referred earns about $100, then you are going to get $10 for free.

I have make 176$ total from this PPD site, that really amazing.

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