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Saturday, 27 October 2012

How to Get More Traffic for Your Website or Blog

You have designed a professional looking website for your business. All the contents of the website are good. But you don’t get visitors to your site. That means your website traffic is low. So you want more traffic for your site. By investing money (for displaying ads on other sites such as AdSense) you can get so much of traffic. But you want to get the traffic for free. But is it possible? The answer is yes. You can get more traffic with free methods than in paying. This article will help explain the methods of getting free traffic for your site.

Submit your site to search engines

The first and foremost step is to submit your site to search engines. The search engines will crawl your website pages and include in their database. If someone searches using search engine they will display your site pages in the result page if your website matches the query. This is the major method in getting traffic.
Most of us use only Google, Yahoo or Bing. So it's enough to submit your sites only to those search engines. No need to worry about others because they are only 10% in the market. The above three search engines itself take 90% in the market.
Also, Yahoo has no feature of adding a website to their search engine database. If you submit your site to Bing that’s enough. Yahoo will include your site. Some smaller search engines include websites from Yahoo and Google.
Useful links:
Add Websites to Yahoo and Bing
Add Websites to Google

Other Search Engines:
What You Seek
Now Relevent
Free Search Engine Submission
Free web submission
Submit Start
Submit Express
Have Your Website as Content-Rich
Submitting your sites to search engines will not make your website getting more traffic from search engines. But if your website is content rich your exposure on search results will be more. Because your website will have more keywords so that other searches using that keyword your website will come in search results.
Analyze keywords and have contents with those keywords. This website SEO keyword will help you.
Make Your Website Search Engine Friendly
Search engine friendly means having URLs understandable by search engines so that your site gets more keywords and traffic.
For Example: is not search engine friendly. So you have to rewrite like if your page is about English learning.
Some more procedures are there to optimize your website search engine friendly. Search Results for search engine optimization.
Frequently Update Your Site
Update your website frequently so that your website rank will be increased.

Submit Your Site to Free Directories

Web Directory is website having links of websites according to categories. Search engine think your website is good if your website is linked (backlinks) in other sites. So if you have more backlinks your website rank will be increased. So you will get more traffic from search engines. Also you get traffic from web directories when some search directories for a specific category of websites and click your link. Don’t submit your website to too many directories. Because search engines will think you are a spammer. And also don’t submit with the same title and description for all web directories.
Some useful free directories:
Free Directories List
Top 50 Free Directories List
Free Directory Submission Tools
Easy Submits
Search for Free Directory Submission

Also Submit Your Blogs to Blog Directories

Blog directories are web directories especially for blogs. Some of them have an option to link your blog posts with some description so that others find them and visit your blog posts.
Some Free Blog Directories:
Blog Ranker
Blog Roll Center
Blog Rate Directory
Blog Rankings
Blogging List
Blog Directory
Blog Catalogue
Search For Top Blog Directories

Blog Communities

Blog communities are websites where you can create a group or community. In that group you can add your blog and blog posts and also allow others to submit their blogs. You can create discussions and more facilities are available.
Some Free Blog Communities:
Blogger Luv

Using Social Networks

This is very very important. You can include your websites in your social networks profiles. If anyone views your profile they will also view your sites.
Another thing is you can post your links, create groups for your websites and much more.
You might know the top social websites. They are FacebookTwitter and Linkedin.
Useful Links:
Search for How to use social websites to get traffic for website.
Search for top social networking websites.
Search for How to create a Facebook fan page.

Using Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites are similar to social networking sites except it is specially designed for bookmarking web pages for future reference. If you bookmark your website or blog post others can also see, rate and comment them.
Useful Links:
Search For: Top Social Bookmarking Websites.

Using free Traffic Exchange

Also we can exchange traffic. Some websites give this feature. The idea is very simple. After you join those sites you will include your site. Then you have to get points by visiting other's sites for a specific period of time. Then you can assign those points to your sites. According to the points your website will get the visitors. That means if you visit other sites you get visitors to your site.
Useful Links:
Easy Hits For You

Link Exchange

Ask your friends to exchange links. That is you put their links on your website and they put your website link on their website. Your traffic will help them and their traffic will help you.

Uploading Videos to Video Hosting Services

Create video related to your website business or create video useful for others so that others can learn from your videos. At the beginning or the end you put your advertisement on your site. So if people like your videos they may like to visit your site. Upload videos to top video hosting services like YouTube and daily motion.
Search for Top Video Sharing Sites.

Having More Images on Your Site

Have images on your site which are the parts of the contents. These images will help others to understand the concept what you are trying to explain. So visitors will have a good impression about your site. So they may revisit your site later to check updates. Also traffic will come from the image search results of search engines. So obviously you get more traffic and search engine ranking.

Using File Hosting Services

Create files related to your business. Put them in a folder. Also put an internet shortcut of your website in that folder. Compress the folder as zip file. Then upload it to file hosting services. Your file will come in search results. If someone downloads they may also click your website’s internet shortcut.
Useful Free File Hosing Services:
Media Fire

Using Document Hosting Services

The document hosting service is similar to file hosting service except it is only for documents such as word, PDF and PowerPoint files. Upload your creative documents related your site. The question is how to get traffic? The answer is simple. Place your website link in the header, footer and at the end of the documents. Most of the document hosting services have an online document viewer and support visiting links from the document.
Some free document hosting services:
Free Ebooks

Using Free Articles Directories

Write quality articles and post them into free articles directories. The idea to get traffic is to include your website link in your articles. You will get fans and also if someone clicks the link you will get traffic.
Free Articles Directory Links:
Article Base
Articles Alley
Search for Submit Articles to articles Directory.

Using Forums and Blogs

Participate in forum discussions and include your website link in your replies. Every day you may read articles in other blogs. If you think those articles are useful add your constructive comments with your website link. So you get back links to your site and also search engine ranking. But you should be careful. Because if you post comments only containing links search engine would treat you as a spammer. That means your website is spamming link there by decrease in search engine ranking. So only post comments related to the topic whether it is a blog or forum.
Search for Top Forums

Answer Questions

Use yahoo answer and wiki answer to promote your sites. Answer questions that you know and link your site also. As I already said don’t give an irrelevant answer. Because the search engine rankings will be decreased. Also you have the chance of banning from answering.

Use Mail

Send mails regarding updates of your website to your friends. Also use email signature. In the signature put your website link so that when someone read your mail they may click your websites link.
Search For: Use email signature to promote your website.

Using Free Classifieds

In classifieds you can post free advertisement. So post ads related to your site and put your link to get traffic.
Search For: Free classifieds websites

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is blogging on other’s blogs. Ask your friends to post your articles in their blogs. In most blogs there is an option of adding authors. So request your friends to accept you as an author. Post articles that match their blog objectives and finally include your website link at the end.
Search for: What is guest blogging?

Create RSS Feed

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.  It's an XML-based content format for distributing news, headlines, content, etc.
For more information: Top Ten Free Tools to Create RSS Feed and Search Results for free RSS Creator

Use Subscription Service

If your website or blog has an RSS feed you can activate the subscription service so that others can subscribe and get updates automatically in their mail automatically. So your website users will always in touch with your website. Use FeedBurner for this.

Ping Your Blog

Pinging means notifying search engines that your blog is updated. So periodically ping your blog so that your new contents will get exposure in search engine.
Some pinging services:

Submit Your Blog’s RSS Feed to RSS Directories and RSS Submission Services

Submit your RSS feeds to the following links so that your RSS link will be included in their directory. You will get backlinks to your RSS feed.
If you want more RSS directories list go to the following website.
RSS Directories List
Automatic RSS Submission Service: RSS Submission Service
That’s all. If you do the above methods your website or blog will get higher traffic. Why do you waste money to get traffic while these free methods are available? So do those free methods seriously and get unlimited free traffic for your website

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