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Saturday, 3 March 2012

6 Facebook Timeline Profile Cover Makers

There are quite a few websites that make generating cool Facebook Timeline covers easily. Here are some of the top websites that allow users to create casual and professional looking Facebook Timeline profile cover photos:

NewFacebookBanners provides you with the power to create a more creative timeline banner to impress all of your friends. NewFacebookBanners also support the timeline editor with tons of graphic clip art and backgrounds from partner sites.

Really showcase who you are by using the Facebook Timeline Cover header banner area. You can easily Create aFacebook Timeline Cover in minutes with the FaceItPages cover creator app.

              is a Facebook application that allows the user to customize the facebook cover on their NewFacebook Timeline which can easily be applied in just a few clicks.

TheSiteCanvas is a great platform for those who want to customize their site covers, as well as a good place to get ideas from the hundreds of cover photos included in the gallery.

Cover Photo Magic is the Facebook Application that will do magic to your Timeline design. Create a personal cover photo based on your Facebook albums. Use over 200 designers templates in a two steps easy proses.

FacebookTimelineCreator let you create amazing timeline-covers by customizing your images in many different ways and easily saving your new cover on your hard drive!

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1 Responses to “6 Facebook Timeline Profile Cover Makers”

Dani3la said...
26 April 2012 at 09:22

Hi Milan,
I've found out that a cover with the dimensions 863px X 315px gives the best results and the image is not so pixelated.
At we have over 2300 unbranded timeline covers, all of them in this size.

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