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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Download Latest EPIC BROWSER: Experience the First Indian Origin Web browser

Hi Friends,Download the latest Epic browser which is Being the first web browser to have been made completely in India, Epic browser is based on the Mozilla platform, and has incorporated most of the features mainly with the Indian hues in mind. 

Important Features of Epic Web Browser

    * Antivirus browser
    * Flash cookie deletion
    * One click Private Data Deletion
    * One click Private Browsing
    * Warnings for Malicious Websites
    * Anti-Phishing Protection
    * Tweaked for speed


The Epic browser is highly customizable and after the first installation, you will notice the vibrant colours of it. It initially comes with a “Peacock” background which seems a bit uncomfortable for the eyes. With around zillions of backgrounds provided by the browser to choose from, this does not seem to be a difficulty. With the launch of the Epic browser, you shall be entitled to over 1500 themes to choose from, which are compatible and available for the Epic. 

The Epic browser also features  to be the first browser which has built-in anti-virus protection. The browser also supports a long list of Indian languages (currently 12) and an Indian content sidebar that shall aggregate news headlines, TV to live cricket commentary and other things that matters to all Indians. This also includes a bunch of productivity applications like a free word processor, video sidebar and my Computer Browser.

::::::::::Epic Browser: Download First Indian Origin web browser Free::::::::::::

Currently it is available for windows only but it will be available for Linux and Mac soon!! 

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