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Thursday, 3 November 2011

How to Use Touch Trix for iphone & ipod touch

What is Touch Trix ..?

Hi, Friends...Now, you can perform magic on your iPhone and iPod touch! Mysterious things are happening on the iPhone and iPod touch's screen. Icons move on their own, the screen suddenly spins, and only you have the power to set things normal. With a multitude of iPhone and iPod touch tricks in the palm of your hand, you'll want to try them out on your friends right away.
*Touch Trix is available only for iPhone and iPod touch.

How to Install..?

1) From the Touch Trix section, download the Trix you wish to install.
    *Unzip the downloaded Trix file using the decompression software.

2) Choose the unziped [*****.m4v] file and drug and drop to the iTunes.

3) Connect the iPhone / iPod touch and synchronize it with iTunes.

4)  Play movie.
     >For iPhone
     Play the Trix downloaded from "iPod".

>For iPod touch
Play the Trix downloaded from "Video".

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