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Friday, 18 November 2011

Real Truth About Blogging

Hey Friends my this post is telling you about the real truth of  Blogging.I describe the six truths of blogging which is very very important for all blogger so take it seriously ...............


Blogging. Is the end...?
The main ingredient for long life blogging is the reader’s love for current, quality content. The internet is fast moving and unpredictable, maybe that’s why many bloggers tweet, in their dark period that blogging is unreliable and can bring you to zero any time.
Living off blogging
Blogging is like parenting, you have to nurture it and watch it grow. The vast majority of bloggers give up at the beginning if they do not reach the goal they set for themselves. Many of the old bloggers have learned how to reach their current level. That is why the general idea is that you cannot make a decent living off blogging. If you want to earn big, you need to strive, be consistent and very patience. Regardless of the quality of your posts, a blog will not earn you big in short therm. Give it time, your blog is like an investment, you put in time and money, so look at it like that and you will see the chance of success.
Monetization is unpopular
 vast majority of readers are coming to your blog looking for free content, so they won’t be very interested in your monetization attempts. Even if they are browsing for free content, if you develop a relationship with your readers through your blog, and earn their trust and you continue updating your blog with great content, you can monetize any way you want. The main condition is that the free content remains untouched.
Yes, huge traffic gains you more in case of Adsense and selling ads, but there are more than a few bloggers that do not have awesome amount of traffic and still manage to earn a very decent living. Lots of traffic will help you in the short-therm, but if you develop a relationship with your readers and you connect with them, they will come back again and again to your blog. Traffic is organic, that’s why you will earn more than huge amount instantly and not organic. Blogging is a business and you promote what your audience is in need for.
One post a day
This is a philosophy that every new blogger has on his mind. The main concern is that not posting each day on the blog will result in lose on readers. If the blog is a news blog and there are multiple writers contributing, it might be necessary to post very often. But if you are the only one writing there is no need to post that often, but 3 or 4 posts a week seems a fair amount. The idea is to focus on the content and not on the quantity. If your posts are interesting and make that much needed connection with the reader you can post every 3 days.
Good Writters
Nobody was born with writing skills. You can have a tendency to writing, but like everything else in life, practice makes it perfect. If you stick to writing you will eventually gain skills that will improve you performance. It is an advantage to be a great writer, but if you are not and want to look like one you can always hire someone to edit your posts.

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