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Friday, 4 November 2011

How to Publish Post in Blog from Microsoft Word 2010

 Hi friend this a latest trend of bloggers that they are now publish his post from microsoft word.I am sharing a latest trick related to this.Every blogger out there looks for easy ways to publish blogs which don’t take up much time; hence the use of many specifically designed blog writing and publishing platforms is commonplace. However, a word processing Application such as Micro Soft Office 2010 can also be used an effective blog writing app with just a few simple steps.


The advantage of Word is that it can Save a lot of time along with giving a lot of features for enhancing the blog post. Here’s how to use Microsoft Word 2010 as an effective blog writing and publishing platform.

Steps :

Step 1 :Open Word 2010 and click on the File tab on the main ribbon to access Backstage View. Click on New 
              then double click Blog post.                                                                         

Step 2 :Word will now prompt you to Register your blog first. If you own a Word compatible account, do so.


Step 3 :Enter your blog service provider from the drop down  list.                                                           

Step 4 :Enter the blog URL, username and password.

Step 5 :Now, you can creat blog posts directly from Microsoft Word 2010. You can take screenshots and
             place them on your blog post directly as well.


Step 6 :After you are done writing your blog post, select the Blog Post and select the Publish button under the 

Step 7 :Word will now connect to your respective service, and a dialog box will come up showing the progress.

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