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Thursday, 10 November 2011

How to Use Google Translate Software(GT4T) and Download it directly

Hi Friends ,It is easy to use Google Translate for Translators(GT4T) and also download it from this post directly so enjoy it ....

Download First Directly : (1845769 bytes) (877750 bytes) (Installer)
Download from this site | Download from Microsoft

Walkthrough for GT4T Suite

1. Download the installer or unzip the downloaded zip file.
2. Run  GT4TSuite.exe to install or the gt4t.exe. A clover icon appears in your system tray.
If you cannot find the  icon there, it may be hidden. click the UP button on the left for hidden  icons:
3. Move your mouse cursor over the clover icon, and click your right mouse button for various commands:
Click “Language Pair” to set up your working language pair.
Click “Hot Keys” to view or change the default hot keys.

The Translate and Dictionary feature

To use the Translate feature, simply select some text and press ctrl+J to replace with translation. Select a word press ctrl+D to bring out a meaning list bubble and then you can press space bar or 1, 2, 3 …. to insert a meaning.

Simple Glossary feature

Simple Glossary is a simple and easy alternative to dinosaur applications like MultiTerms. It can help you keep consistency with translation of special terms.
The philosophy of GT4T is to make things easier without making it more complex. The Simple Glossary feature is unobtrusively implemented as a part of the Dictionary feature. Just select a phrase, press CTRL+D and then press letter “a” to add a term to the Glossary. Next time when you select the previously added phrase and press CTRL+D, results from Glossary will show first. Press Space bar, the selected text will be replaced.

Paste Plain Text

Copy some text from anywhere and press CTRL+SHIFT+V instead of the usual CTRL+V to paste the plain text. Believe me, nine out of ten times you will need plain text: when pasting from a webpage, you will need the pasted text to fit into where you work instead of keeping the original font or color properties.

Accessing search engines

Press F1, F2, F3 …. while the Dictionary or Translate preview popup is on to launch a search engine in your web browser.
You can add your own search engines by clicking “Add more”.

Downloads :

GT4T Suite Version 4.25

Click to download the installer (1845769 bytes)
OR the .zip file (877750 bytes)
For the installer, unzip and run the installer to start the standard installing process. For the .zip file, Unzip the file to any folder and run gt4t.exe under it to launch GT4T.

You can also try the legacy GT4T Word Macro (Only works in Microsoft Word) (Installer)
GT4T works with Microsoft Windows only.

Download VB6.0 runtime (already included in the installer):

GT4T requires Visual Basic 6.0 runtime. Most versions of Windows already include VB6.0 runtime so there is usually no need to download. However, if GT4T Suite somehow doesn’t work on your computer, please try to download and install Microsoft VB6.0 runtime first.

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