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Monday, 14 November 2011

Generate Unlimited Skype Free Calling Credits***

Hello Friends, I am again back with a bang post.
Now u can generate unlimited Skype Vouchers, If u are using HOTSPOT SHIELD.

HSS TRACKS users by this two parameters and generate only single voucher for a single COMPUTER NAME. So by changing THE COMPUTER NAME , u can generate more vouchers, but changing COMPUTER NAME requires rebooting the computer. So Don't you think it would be cumbersome if we have to change Computer-name and then restart computer and then run HSS and then generate a voucher and then do the whole process to generate another voucher. i think it would take 5 minutes minimum to generate a single voucher. How about doing this thing in only 10 seconds. That's what i have done



2> r4huldud3.exe (in attachment) 


1> Open r4huldud3.exe, Enter two fields .
First one is for Computer name and second one is for Work-group.
Now click on SET.
Now it will change both things in your computer without restarting it
2> Run HSS and connect
3> Open in your browser. U will get a code
4> Now in r4huldud3.exe, enter two values again , different than the previous values. Remember that fill only alphabets , no special characters.
5> Now in HSS click RECONNECT.
6> Now again Surf
u will get a new voucher

7> Now keep repeating STEP 4, 5 and 6 to generate different values, no need to close HSS, only click RECONNECTafter setting two different values in r4huldud3.exe

Keep collecting voucher , until you satisfied.

Redeem these vouchers at


This whole thing will take only approx 15 second , so u can generate around 250 vouchers in a single hour

ENJOY ...     

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1 Responses to “Generate Unlimited Skype Free Calling Credits***”

Anonymous said...
26 October 2013 at 10:45

I wrote an email to HotSpotShield and they mentioned that they Skype promotion ended, so this no longer works. Here's an excerpt:

Kelly, Oct 23 17:08 (PDT):

We no longer support that promotion.


HSSElite Team

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