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Monday, 14 November 2011

Free Skype Code Generator Ver(2.1)

Hello Guys, Here is my latest post and developed software of skype (ver2.1)  for code generate.


Follow the instruction below very carefully

UPDATE: WINDOWS 7 PROBLEM SOLVED IN VERSION 2.1 . Download it now.Requirements :-
First Uninstall The official HSS from your Computer, deleting everything related to it.
And also delete the HSS folderfrom Program Files

How to install
1> Download it from here :-

Click Here
or> Run Install.bat
3> Thats It

How to Use :-
RUN SkypeGenWin7.exe
It will generate unlimited Codes For u.
Just put in the Input Box the number of Free Skype Codes u need, AND then sit quietly.
It will then automatically generate vouchers for u.
It will show these vouchers on screen , and also write them in a file named Vouchers.txt

If UDP dont work for u , then change the value to tcpinstead of udp in HSS Config box

If again it don't work then try setting time limit to a high value.

Errors and solution:-


If u get this error only sometimes, it means u are able to generate Vouchers, then set the time limit to a higher value . My recommendation is to make it 40 seconds 

But if u always get this error and is not able to genearte a single voucher till now then follow these steps.

*Make sure both taphss and tapv9 drivers are installed. 
*Then go to app\bin directory and make a new file , name it 
*Open it and add these lines 
openvpn.exe udp.ovpn
*Run this file and see if openvpn connects or not. If it dont get connected , edit the file and put thisopenvpn.exe tcp.ovpn
*And then run it. Post the screenshot

i have already said that uninstall both HSS and EXP, if u keep them installed then u will get same code

Ok then download It and give your Comment Below.

Some Things To remember :-
PLZZ dont decrease the time limit as this Package contains a PORTABLE HSS OPENVPN, which i think needs time to get connected to HSS server, and i think 30 seconds will be enough for it

Secondly do not try to use internet during this period , As OpenVPN will restart every time for a new code, so trying to use internet at that time can interrupt the whole process.

As time limit of 30 seconds is there, its possible that Your ISP disconnect your connection because of the inactivity. So please use PING command throughout the whole process. It will make sure that your internet did not get disconnected because of the 30 seconds inactivity.
U can ping any server. for example type 

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ishaq said...
5 March 2013 at 15:48

it's still have the same problem that the Connection problem it's all i have done all the Process please help me

Anonymous said...
26 October 2013 at 11:05

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Kelly, Oct 23 17:08 (PDT):

We no longer support that promotion.


HSSElite Team

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1 December 2017 at 14:54

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