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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Download 5 Best Troubleshooting Free Software’s for Your Windows – Brothersoft

Hi Friends,These are the best troubleshooting software’s. All these 5 troubleshooting software’s are free to download and very easy to install. It wont be difficult to understanding them once you read below my post and enjoy it.
                                  Troubleshooting software's

1) Process Explorer :

In short Process explorer helps in sorting out problems that has unique capabilities making life easier by allowing the tracking of DLL problems and handling leaks by providing greater insights into the way a file is being handled by Windows and applications work. This program consists of two windows one showing the list of currently active processes, which also includes the names of the owning accounts, while the bottom window depends on the mode the program is working.Download : Process Explorer

2) SIW :

SIW stands for system information for windows. This is an advanced tool that analyzes computer and gathers detailed information about system properties and settings, displaying in an extremely comprehensible manner. This program has the capacity to create a report file in CSV, HTML, TXT or XML format and is capable of running the program in batch mode. The program is categorized into major categories like software information, hardware information, network information, network tools, miscellaneous tools and real time monitors. This standalone utility can help you resolve and handle any troubleshooting problems in Windows. Download : SIW

3) Blue Screen View :

This is a windows utility tool that gathers information regarding all kind of crashes under on single roof and enables to identify the problem and rectify with the needed solution. The tool records the time and date of crash besides other vital information like the nature and the reason for the crash, the type and kind of crash, the details of the device driver causing the crash. Using this tool you can identify the nature of the crash and the device driver involved. Download: BlueScreenView

4) Autoruns :

This is another product from Sysinternals for sorting the common troubleshooting problems in Windows, which includes the comprehensive knowledge of autostarting the locations of any start up monitor and shows you what programs are configured to run during system boot up or login. They also show the entries in the order that Windows process them. Download: Autoruns

5) Windirstat :

This is a tool that monitors as the name suggests Windows Directory Statistics giving you three useful views of the information gathered – directory list view, tree map view and extension list view. Of all these the most useful information could be gathered from the tree map view. The tree map view has each file colored with a different color and contains all information about their files and directories. The size of the rectangle in the tree map is an equivalent representative of type and size of the file. Download: Windirstat

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