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Monday, 17 December 2012

Make Money Online with Chitika Linx

Chitika Linx is a new in-text ad unit from Chitika. Part of Chitika Apps suite, the ad unit automatically identifies keywords present on a web page and displays relevant advertisements. The Linx ads are CPC-based product listings and they appears as double underline hyperlinks. So, with this new ad format uses no additional advertising real estate. In fact, it will easily grab attention of your visitors and thus may help in maximizing advertising revenue. Start using Chitika Linx today and make money online with your blog or website.

The Chitika Apps suite was released to help publishers earn more. It offers you multiple options to improve the way users experience advertisements on your website. Apart from Linx, Chitika Apps suite includes Hover and Highlight. The Hover ads appears on the bottom right corner of a page and hovers there even when user scrolls. On the other hand, Highlight ads will appears when a user copy/paste some text from your page. Those ads will only appear when text has been highlighted.
How to implement Chitika Linx and other Chitika Apps? Well, if you are already a publisher, there is nothing to implement. Simply check the boxes of the ad types you want to try out, and respective ad units will automatically be placed on any web page where you are currently running Chitika ads. And if you are not yet a publisher, first register for a Chitika account and then start using the awesome ad units of Chitika Apps.
Special Promotion: Start using Chitika Linx today and earn double of your revenue (up to $100). For example, if you earn $90, Chitika will pay you $180. The promotional offer is valid till January 31, 2013. So hurry!

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